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Horse and Pony Camps


   We are offering a Spring Break ( March 25 to 29th ) as well as Summer Horse and Pony Camps starting Monday, July 8, 2019.

 Our Pony Camps will have apprximately 20 students each week. The campers will get to ride their own pony each day, feed the petting farm, playing on bouncy castles and participate in a fun pony show on Friday.

  Our Horse Camps will have a maximum of 30 students per week with a focus on Horsemanship, Anatomy, Health, Grooming, Tacking and Western Riding Skills. The student will be split into three groups of eight then assigned there own horse for the week. The students will learn all about safety, how to feed, how to clean stalls, how to groom a horse, how to tack up a horse, how to safely mount and dismount and how to safely lead a horse.  In the afternoon the students will have up to 90 minute western riding lesson on there horse and at the end of the day the students will help with untacking, feeding and turning out the horses for the day.

​On the Friday the Horse Show starts at 11 am sharp!

 The students will come in at 9 am to decorate their ponies and horses for the big show.  The Show starts at 11 am with pony campers first then followed by horse campers. The student will enter the arena riding there pony or horse to show off their riding skills that have learned during the week. After Horse Show is finished this will conclude the camp for the week, if you are unable to pick up your child at this time, please notify staff to make other arrangements.

​For further information Please email us: info@horsinaround.ca

Pony Camp

   This is a fun filled camp for the little ones as they get to care for and ride their very own pony.

They also get to to feed and care for the petting farm animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, peacocks, turkeys, chickens, pigs, donkey, miniature horses and Flare the Friendly Steer as well as play on indoor bouncy castles between activities. There is a Fun Horse Show on Friday starting at 11 am.

  •  Ages 4 to 7 years old
  • Monday thru Friday
  • 9 am to 12 pm
  • The Cost = $262.50


 Spring Break :

  • March 25 thru 29th

Summer Camps

  • July 8- 12
  • July 15 - 19 
  • July 22 - 26
  • July 29 - Aug 2
  • Aug 12 - 16
  • Aug 19 - 23

​​Horse Camp

 This camp includes Western Riding Lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a fun filled Horse Show on the Friday.

The children learn all about western riding, anatomy, horsemanship skills, health, tack, grooming and stable management.

 They also will get a chance to work with the petting farm animals such as goats, sheep, donkey, pigs, peacocks, chickens, miniature horses and horses.

 The children will get a chance to participate in fun games, play on bouncy castles, laser tag, inflatable slides and other fun activities through out the week..

  •  Ages 7 to 14 years old 
  • Monday thru Friday 
  • 9 am to 5 pm
  • Cost = $446.25

​Dates :

​​​Spring Break M

  • March 25 thru 29th

Summer Camps

  • July 8- 12,
  • July 15 - 19,
  • July 22 - 26,
  • July 29 - Aug 2,
  • Aug 12 - 16,
  • Aug 19 - 23


  Children are required to bring a snack, water bottle and boots with heel are recommended and a lunch for full day campers

Helmets are supplied

Although this is large indoor facility there are some outside activities so please dress children appropriate for weather

We do offer inclusive camps for special needs children who must be accompanied by aide or parent

Please download and fill out a the Under of Age of Majority  Release form.

Please bring release form with your child on the first day of camp

Thank You