Company Policies

  1.     Horsin Around has a strict No Refund Policy.
  2.     All services can be rescheduled to another date in the season to which they were purchased but only with Proper Written Notice.( See Below )
  3.     All services are valid for the season in which they are purchased and will not be carried over to next season. Our season runs from May to October depending on weather. 
  4.     If you need to reschedule a Lesson or Party for any reason then we will require proper written notice of 24 hour prior to to start time of the service via email:   
  5.    If you need to reschedule a Horse or Pony Camp for any reason then we will require proper written notice 7 days prior to the start time of the camp via email:
  6.    Failure to provide proper written notice will result in loss of that lesson, camp or party therefore you will not be permitted to reschedule for a later date.
  7.    If lesson is cancelled by Horsin Around for any other reason that lesson will reschedule for another date that is convenient to both to parties.
  8.    If a camp day cancelled by Horsin Around for any reason then a riding lesson will issued as compensation for loss of riding time. (This lesson will expire at the end of the current season) 
  9.    All lesson start promptly at top of the hour ( ex: Beginner at 11 am ) so please arrive 10 mins early. If lesson has already start upon your arrival then you will not be allowed to join the lesson.
  10.    All Students must wear approved helmet and footwear with a heel ( running shoes are not permitted )
  11.    No cell phones, drinks or food are allowed in the arena
  12.    If parents or students act in way that is deemed unsafe by the instructor then they will be asked to leave the premises,
  13.    If parents or students speak in a way that rude or condescending to instructor, students or other parents then they will be ask to leave the premises.
  14.    No drinking of alcohol or smoking is permitted on the premises.
  15.    It is not always possible to ride same horse or pony every lesson and is completely up to instructor on which horse or pony you are assigned that day.